Building an engaging corporate website

Ami Entertainment has been providing in-venue entertainment for over a century. With the changing landscape of music & entertainment moving quickly, They needed a website to reflect that momentum & help streamline how support and business are done today.

Understanding the Problem

To frame my research I immediately installed google analytics to frame my research on the current site. Next, I started to deeply analyze how people were currently using the website by logging any contact form submissions, site search results, & any 404 redirects so we could review everything with stakeholders.

Several department heads were also interviewed to understand their needs and perceptions of what the web should do for their departments and the business.

A Few Guiding Principles

• Because of our long history, people are looking for all sorts of support material

• A Chance for business development needs to be noticed.

• Departments need tools and transparency to work with the site. For example, our newest product Tap Tv has a different measurement of value and success.

Sketches, Wires & Sitemaps

Sketches were used to explore UI patterns and interactions rapidly. From there, I moved into wireframes to quickly flush out the information architecture.

Design & Prototyping

Working closely with the CCO, an Initial design took shape and included visual brand research, a mood board, resulting color palette, writing style guide, competitive analysis, sketches, and visual explorations.

Final Delivery

After several months of planning and development. We successfully transitioned daily operations to content managers to maintain and add content regularly.

Desktop screen captures

Mobile Screens

Nuts & Bolts of Development

Wordpress was selected as a cms of choice because several employees had previous experience with it as a publishing platform and enjoyed it. I also had suitable enough experience with it to know it would meet our requirements. was used used as a starting framework theme. Sass/compass was used to keep our css clean, tidy and responsive.