Stacked Odds

11+ years of stock investing with friends

In 2008 I started to invest in the stock market. My roommate also decided to begin investing too. After a few months of independently investing, we wondered how to pool our efforts. After nearly two years of research, in late 2010, we officially established an investment club. Stackedodds LLC was Formed.

As a club we held monthly gatherings where we regularly read books, discussed investing strategies and economic trends. Collectively we pulled our money together to increase our buying power and get lower our comission fees (Remember when that was a thing). We developed a set of bylaws and voting startegy that work for us over the course of the next decade.

Now, over 14 members and ten years later, we are still going strong and prosperous, having regular monthly investing meetings & cornerstone to my long-term financial planning.

At the end of 2020, 11 years after we formally founded Stackedodds, we voted to disband. Proud of all we accomplished and learned and 13% average ROI, knowledgeable and confident to keep investing on our own!